I craft experiences

At the core of my work is a thoughtful process that enables me to create effective, easy-to-use and durable designs that convey the proper message.

Which ultimately empowers brands.

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The concept was based on the idea that the system acts as a powerful filter that let the good go through, but blocks the unwanted. This idea led itself to the analogy with scavengers: animals that feed on dead animals. This behaviour has a positive impact on the ecosystem - cleaning up the environment and reducing the risks of bacteria and disease contagion.

Amongst the scavenger family can be found the condors. They distinguish themselves by their extremely good sense of smell and eyesight, which allows them to spot dead animals’ body from far away.

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Name development concept


Excellent eyesight and strong sense of smell.


Keep ecosystems free of the bodies of dead animals.


Vulture goddess from Egyptian mythology. Was considered as a protector to people.



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Rule Package section

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See it live here (bare in mind it's still a work-in-progress ;p)

Title Page

Front Matter ⋅ Title page

Title Page

Front Matter ⋅ Copyright Acknowledgments/Table of Contents

Title Page

Body Matter ⋅ Chapter and Figure

Title Page

Body Matter ⋅ Figure

Title Page

Body Matter ⋅ Table and Exercise

Title Page

Body Matter ⋅ Exercise

Title Page

Body Matter ⋅ Chapter

Title Page

Body Matter ⋅ End of Chapter

Title Page

End Matter ⋅ Index

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I am Valerie Motard

I'm a passionate multidisciplinary graphic designer dedicated to delivering quality designs across a variety of platforms - both digital and print. I'm committed to creating powerful concepts that target your business needs and deliver concrete returns. Nothing less.


Graphic Design Bachelor's degree
2008-2011 Universite Laval, Quebec, Qc
Fine Art Cegep Diploma
2006-2008 Cegep de Ste-Foy, Quebec, Qc


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